Building Your Dream Team: The Music Producer

Thanks to a rare breed of sonic explorers, the music world keeps spinning forward, evolving off the strength of flipped samples, towering choirs, and clever drum programming. Some know Bach like the back of their hand, others have no clue who tf that is. Either way, music producers help craft the songs that soundtrack our lives. This Dream Team piece spotlights everything they do to help artists find their stride.

1W: Who They Are

A music producer adds value in 101 different ways. Some might oversee entire projects. Others might get called in to add finishing touches, or a lead synth melody. Whether they’re encouraging moonshot thoughts, working with artists to minimize bad habits, or sending beats from 3000 miles away, most of the great ones tend to bring some mix of these traits to the table.

  1. Appetite for Feedback Criticism can be a tough pill to swallow, but constructive opinions often help music fulfill its main goal: strike a chord in listeners. The producer’s goal is help the artist achieve that. Feedback helps everyone involved grow and build better working relationships.
  2. Semi-Organized Mind Producers range from technical tinkerers to mad geniuses. That said, it’s good to keep track of the chaos. Messiness and creativity often do go hand in hand, cliches aside, but sometimes scatteredness is detrimental. Properly exported and labeled stems save everyone time in collaborative projects.
  3. Highly Empathetic Every artist / music producer team is different, but the best writing and most compelling performances tend to come when producers can connect with whoever they’re working with as people. Open conversations often yield the best musical output.
  4. Unsatiated Curiosity Whether it’s digging through crates of old music to find new inspiration, or exploring different ways to use an instrument, a desire to learn unlocks new options and musical directions that help differentiate songs from everything else out there.

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