How To Succeed On Spotify: A Playlisting Professional's Guide

Streaming is as much a way of life for musicians as it is a game, and games are often won or lost based on the intelligence of the players.

The promise of streaming is that it gives artists at every level a fair chance at building an audience. All songs are available everywhere all the time, and each song more or less receives the same payout per stream. As long as an artist can make people aware of their art they have an opportunity to develop a career in music. Whether or not that career becomes a full-time job is a completely different discussion, but the opportunity for success exists.

Any artist will tell you that real success in streaming today requires inclusion on playlists, specifically those curated by influencers or brands with large followings. Playlist placement can mean the difference between an artist’s fans hearing a new single and the fans of that artist’s genre hearing the same song. In many ways, playlists are the new mixtapes, or even the new radio, as they serve to help aid in the discovery of new/emerging talent.

But the question remains: How does an artist get added to notable playlists if they do not know the curators?

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