Listen to Thom Yorke’s New Songs “Don’t Fear the Light” and “Gawpers”

Thom Yorke

On Sunday, April 28, BBC Radio 3 program “Unclassified” shared brand new music from Thom Yorke. “Unclassified” presenter Elizabeth Alker played Yorke’s first-ever classical piece “Don’t Fear the Light,” as well as a recording of the live premiere of Yorke’s song “Gawpers.” Listen to “Don’t Fear the Light” around 27:30 and “Gawpers” at 47:20 on the archived “Unclassified” episode.

Both original songs were debuted in concert during the “Minimalist Dream House” performance at the Philharmonie de Paris on April 7. Neither have been unavailable until now, “Gawpers” having been performed live only four times as part of Yorke’s recent tour. “Unclassified”’s broadcast of the pieces marks the first time they’ve been played on the radio.

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