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Drooble is a social network for musicians. Like Facebook, it has a news feed with comments and likes. Like SoundCloud, it has artist profiles, radio, charts, and playlists. And like Fiverr, you can pay for things like radio play, news feed exposure (Artist/Tune/Video of the Day), and even professional services like mixing and mastering. The site has come a long way since my interview for their blog in December of 2017.

Today I’m going to focus on my favorite feature: Song Reviews.

Drooble Song Reviews is one of the three major song review platforms I’ve tested. For the past few years, I’ve been using and recommending ReverbNation Crowd Review, descended from AudioKite. There’s also TuneCore Fan Reviews, descended from SoundOut.

What sets Drooble apart is that the reviews come from actual musicians, which means no more “the guitars are too loud” when there are no guitars in the track.

Artists on Drooble can earn money reviewing tracks once they’ve accumulated 2000 karma, Drooble’s in-house virtual currency. Karma is awarded for contributing to discussions, listening to other artists’ music, and providing feedback.

So far I’ve racked up a whopping 558 karma, so you won’t be paying me to badmouth your song anytime soon. For that, hit me up on Fluence.

To clarify, Song Reviews is different from their Album Review and Private Song Review services, which come directly from the Drooble team.

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